Yield Load Scanner

Standard Features

Yield Load Scanner: Optimized Efficiency During Harvest

  • New Advanced Technology
  • In-Motion Load Scanning
  • Manage Harvest Yields Without an Expensive Truck Scale
  • Low Maintenance, Simple Operation
  • Portable & Permanent Systems

The Yield Load Scanner from AgWeigh provide incredible efficiency with the ability to scan truck loads while in motion, providing accurate bushel calculations. This Yield Load Scanner interfaces directly to our Yield Pro Software for capturing and managing your important field and farm harvest data.

Advanced Features of the Yield Load Scanner 

All Yield Load Scanner systems can be installed on your on your job site and can be operating the same day. Scans and calculations can be made in just a few seconds. Furthermore, load data can be accessed remotely using our advanced software solutions. Operators can manage processes and assess payload data through the intuitive Yield Pro platform, as the load scanner system is accessible from various types of computers and mobile devices. If optimizing and automated harvest management processes is your main objective, then the yield load volume scanner system is the ideal solution.

Load Volume Scanner Yields

The Yield Load Scanner is engineered to the highest standards among load scanners system available on the market. The system is proven to last years of use in some of the most harsh conditions and rugged operations. The Yield Load Scanner can be installed in many different terrain, and although the load scanning platform is hard-mounted, they can re-installed as needed with many options available.

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Yield Load Scanner

"Manage and track farm and field yield production without the need for a truck scale. This advanced new technology allows operations to scan their harvest trucks in-motion and manage carried bushel calculations for load, farm or field."