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Accurate production data

AGWEIGH's wheel loader scale system is the ideal solution for ag producers looking to track production data and maximize truck loading. The integral weighing system allows for field installation and provides consistent accurate weights.

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On-board Loader Scale Integration

Extreme durability

The extreme durability and reliability of the loader scale payload system is due to our patented sensor technology.  Guaranteed reliability can be achieved and verified by the thousands of onboard loader scale systems installed world wide.

Driver interface

The driver interface of these on-board scales has been carefully designed to provide operators with all the tools necessary to perform their operations efficiently and accurately.  The construction of the housing was designed to work day-in and day-out in the worlds toughest environments.

Loader on-board scale interface
Loader Scale Standard Features

Standard Loader Scale Features

Perhaps the finest loader scale ever developed for basic scale needs. Looking to maximize truck loading or manage daily production.  Look no further, the design of our loader scales is the ideal solution.

Manage Attachments

Our Wheel Loader Scale System allows operators to interchange up to 5 different attachments. These on-board weigh scale systems have reputation for delivering accurate weights regardless of the attachments that you are using.

Loader Scale Bucket
Production Data Tracking

Manage Production

Manage production with our wheel loader scales running total function. Manage production by shift, day, week or month.  

Complete System Kit

Our Loader Scales come complete with all the required components needed to easily install the scale system.   

Complete On-board scale system
On-board scale support

Simple Installation

Installation of the wheel loader scale system is simple and easy.  The simple installation procedure allows customers to install their own scale system if they choose.