Portable Truck Scales

Standard Features

Portable Truck Scales from AgWeigh

  • Fully Portable Truck Scales
  • Multiple Portable Truck Scale Configurations
  • Waterproof Truck Scale Designs
  • Portable Truck Scales offer Extreme Durability

The portable truck scales offered at AgWeigh deliver a convenient and cost-efficient solution to weigh and manage yields in various locations. AgWeigh's portable truck scales are ideal for farmers and agricultural producers who need ultimate portability in their weighing operations.

AgWeigh Portable Truck Scales

Ideal for the harvest season, all types of agricultural producers can leverage the efficiency and accuracy of portable truck scales to weigh harvests and manage data. Many farmers use our proprietary Yield Pro software platform, which can be seamlessly integrated with most truck scales systems that we offer. This enables users to keep track of crop yield weights, factor-in moisture levels, and manage various fields and farmers with greater efficiency and ease.

Versatile Portable Truck Scales for Harvest

The two primary forms of Portable Scales AgWeigh offers include Portable Axle Scale Systems (which enable farmers to quickly determine weigh inputs during seeding or production times) and Portable Weigh Pads (which offer extremely versatility in calculating and managing load weights.) To view similar portable scale systems, check out the various solutions provided at AgWeigh's parent company Walz Scale.

Portable Truck Scales Unit


Portable Axle Scales

"Portable Axle Scales for Easy Weighing As an alternative to larger forms of truck scales, more farmers in the U.S. are turning to portable axle scales (or "axle pads"), which allow them to quickly check weigh inputs in the truck at seeding time or product right off the fields before it goes to market or the grain bin. These types of portable truck scales can prevent costly overweight load fines. "

Portable Wheel Weighers

"Portable wheel weighers make for some of the most versatile and highly functional options among portable truck scales. With choices for varying weight capacity as well as in-motion weighing capabilities, see how AgWeigh's portable wheel weigher systems can provide the ultimate weighing solution for your needs."